5 Non-Stop Flights Under $300 R/T From Boston to Europe

Happy New Year!  Want to travel more in 2018?  Here are 5 places in Europe you can visit for under $300 round-trip non-stop from Providence or Boston.


I included the round-trip dates that I found at these prices but there are usually lots of options at or around these prices.  The prices go up for flights in July and August but those will probably drop when we get closer to summer.  I’ve found that the sweet spot for booking international flights is usually about 2 months  prior to your flight.

Use Google Flights or the Hopper app to find the dates that work for you and track the prices.  When it’s time to buy, book directly through the airline.

The only catch is that these airlines charge as much as $65 per flight for checked baggage.  If you can get by with just carry-on luggage, you won’t pay any extra for that on Norweigan Airlines, but WOW Airlines even charges for carry-on bags!

It’s a bait and switch, yes, but these flights are still half the price of a lot of domestic flights in the US.  I have flown on both WOW and Norwegian and had good experiences.

I suggest bringing food and water on board so that you don’t have to pay extra in flight and pack light so that you don’t need to check a bag.  Alternatively, you can also pay extra up-front for flights that include checked baggage and meals.

Happy travel deal hunting!


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