Blue Hill Mountain

Blue Hill Mountain has an easy-to-moderate hike up to the small mountain’s summit with great views of the surrounding ocean and the distant mountains of Mount Desert Island.  There are a few different trails you can take on Blue Hill Mountain, all ranging in difficulty, and I walked on most of them in the hike described here.

Duration Distance Ascent Difficulty
1.5 Hours 2.4 Miles 969 ft Easy


Finding the Trailhead

From US 1 in Orland, turn onto Rt 15 toward Blue Hill and after 11.8 miles take a left onto Mountain Road.  There are two trailheads on Mountain Road, each with parking on the opposite side of the road.  The hike described here begins and ends at the Osgood trailhead, located a half mile down Mountain Road.  The Hayes Trailhead is located a bit farther down the road.  

Beginning on the Osgood Trail, across the street from the parking, you’ll walk through the woods and gradually gain elevation as you walk up some stone foot paths.  The trail is well shaded in a forest of evergreens and very well marked with maps posted at several junctions.  At 0.4 mile, you’ll reach the junction for South Face Trail on your right, but continue on the Osgood trail by staying left.

After only a mile of very gradual ascent, you’ll reach a nice open viewpoint at the summit.  For even better views, walk down the giant rock and to the left, where you can pick up Larry’s Summit Loop.

Alternatively, for a less steep route, you can continue into the woods on the Osgood Trail and turn right to get on The Hayes Trail.  Or, go around in a complete circle like I did because I may have been a little confused.

Either way, I highly recommend making it to the viewpoint at the intersection of the Hayes Trail and Larry’s Summit Loop.  I was actually underwhelmed with this Blue Hill Mountain until I reached this viewpoint.

Blue Hill Mountain
View from the intersection of Hayes Trail and Larry’s Summit Loop

At this point, you can either turn around and go back the way you came on the Osgood Trail, or continue on the Hayes Trail, where the walk down is steep and rocky in sections.  Use caution here and don’t twist an ankle!

The Hayes Trail will then intersect with the South Face Trail.  Take a right here and an easy quarter mile walk will bring you back to that intersection of Osgood Trail and South Face Trail.  Take a left here to walk back down the Osgood Trail to the parking area.

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