Borestone Mountain

Distance: 4.1 Miles

Duration: 3 Hours

Difficulty: Moderate

Ascent: 962′

End Elevation: 1923′


Borestone Mountain, part of the Moosehead Pinnacle Pursuit, is a classic Maine hike that I highly recommend.  The four mile round-trip hike can be completed in about 3 hours, the trail through the woods is well groomed and well marked, and its bare summit offers true 360 views of the surrounding mountains and ponds in the Moosehead Lake region.

The first mile of the hike on the base trail goes through the woods with some stone steps to climb but overall a pretty easy walk.  After about a mile, the base trail meets the access road and you’ll reach the Audubon Borestone Sanctuary visitor center at Sunrise Pond where you’re asked to sign in and pay a $5 per person entrance fee.  There are restrooms here, an unexpected luxury.

The summit trail begins here and the trail gets a bit more challenging as the elevation increases and you’ll climb up exposed roots and rock steps.  After only 1.7 miles, the deep woods end and you’ll climb up some exposed rock sections with iron rungs to assist you.  This was my favorite part of the hike.  There were little kids doing it, so no worries, you can do this.

At 1.8 miles you’ll reach the West Peak with wonderful views but don’t turn around here, continue for another 20 minutes and you’ll reach the East Peak where you’ll enjoy true 360 views of the mountains and ponds around you.  There are two signs here that identify the mountains in the distance, such as Barren Mountain, Elephant Mountain and Whitecap Mountain.  After you’re done enjoying the scenery, you can walk back the way you came or instead of taking the base trail you can stay on the gravel access road to make it a loop.

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Finding the Trailhead

Courtesy of Moosehead Pinnacle Pursuit

From the blinking light in the center of Greenville travel south 13.8 miles on Route 6/15. Turn left onto the Elliotsville Road. At approximately 14.6 miles cross the bridge over Big Wilson Stream. Turn left after the bridge onto Mountain Road. Continue across the railroad tracks. The trail is approximately 500’ on the right, with a parking area on the left side of the road.

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